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According to the analysis on the structure, principle and performance characteristics of the touch screen, different situations of the touch screen as shown below.

Four wire resistive touch screen: not afraid of dust, grease and photoelectric jamming, afraid to scratch is the main defect. Public places suitable for fixed users, such as industrial control field, office, family etc..

Five wire resistive touch screen: sensitivity and the transmittance of the excellent, long service life, not afraid of dust, grease and photoelectric jamming, applicable to all types of public places, especially suitable for the requirements of industrial control field precision etc..

Capacitance induction touch screen: while due to changes of capacitance with temperature, humidity or the ground situation is different, so its stability is poor, often have a drift phenomenon. If the interference of electromagnetic field, drift, is not easy to use in industrial control site and the interference of local. Can be used to require less precision of the public information query; the need for frequent calibration, positioning.

Infrared ray induction touch screen: low resolution, but not by the current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions; suitable for infrared light interference and various public places, office and industrial control requirements is not very sophisticated now