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Liquid crystal splicing widely by the society pursued

Liquid crystal splicing widely by the society pursued at present, liquid crystal splicing products has been widely recognized, customers at the same time, single screen size commercial display especially above 82 inches large size product price is very high, therefore, the same cost and joint without affecting the display effect under the condition of customers, more and more to the liquid crystal splicing. Liquid crystal splicing development has become more and more popular, make single screen commercial display market sales have a great impact. According to the 14432 relevant data shows, 2012 1-2 month, commercial single screen display market sales of 4500 units, sales of 86000000 yuan, compared with the same period last year, the scale of decline about 30%. On the contrary, LCD screen or the 10% growth rate of development.

Liquid crystal splicing industry chain from the initial large screen splicing market development so far, home has more than 300 manufacturers, more than 1000 integrators involved in the LCD industry. In recent years, along with the rapid growth of the domestic large screen LCD market, attract more domestic, international giants also want to divide a cup of a thick soup. This among them, including not only like Sharp, Samsung, LG and other manufacturers, the rise also includes giant brand home appliances industry have with the LCD splicing screen into the large screen LCD industry, mature brand more choice in the appropriate industry period, LCD screen by technology accumulation based, service ability as a leader liquid crystal splicing, around the development direction of enterprise long-term development layout of brand strategy and capital strategy. Some less resources, brand of small enterprises may face no DID screen pot straits. The large screen liquid crystal splicing 2012 is destined to be a LCD screen, and even the whole large screen splicing market is extremely unusual year, also will be a crucial year for forming splicing market new industrial pattern.

Full awakening market performance liquid crystal splicing outstanding also make big screen industry brand awareness of enterprises and capital market operation consciousness. In the past three years, the big screen for the total enterprise marketing resources brand increased dramatically, in the operation of the capital market to also can be heard without end.