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The advantages of LCD TV

LCD TV has the following advantage?

Portable and light. Traditional display due to the use of the CRT, must through the electron beams to the screen, the tube neck cannot therefore kinescope do very short, when the screen increases are bound to increase the whole display volume. Liquid crystal display device through the electrode on the display control state of the liquid crystal molecules to achieve the display purposes, even if the screen is increased, increasing the volume of it is not directly proportional to, but in the same weight than traditional display area of display much lighter, LCD TV's weight is about the traditional 1/3 tv.

It is green. Liquid crystal display only from the driving circuit of a small amount of electromagnetic waves, as long as the housing strict sealing can be ruled out electromagnetic wave leakage. So the liquid crystal display has called cold display or environmental monitor. Liquid crystal TV there is no screen flicker, not easy to cause visual fatigue.

Low power consumption. According to industry standards, the use of time for the annual power consumption of 4.5 hours a day conversion, with 30 inch LCD TV to replace 32 inch CRT TV, per year can save electricity 71 kilowatts.

Resolution larger, greater resolution. Liquid crystal display glass plate start use the pure plane, the plane right angle display effect than traditional display looks much better. But in the resolution, liquid crystal display theory can provide higher resolution.