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How to detect the LCD screen pixels and highlights

With the development of manufacturing technology of the LCD screen display effect, although there has been a substantial improvement of the LCD screen, but the LCD screen appear dead pixels and highlights the phenomenon is difficult to avoid. So when we should be how to check whether there is a dead pixel LCD screen it before buying Industrial LCD screen, LCD displays? Introduce some method of liquid crystal screen points detection.

How to detect a dead pixel:

In the purchase of LCD, confirm receipt until you first check whether the dead pixel lcd. The test can be carried out with special test disc.

Full screen display respectively black, pure white or red, pure green, pure blue monochrome background, carefully check whether in monochrome solid under luminous point black, white, Harmonia appears, if there is a dead pixel representation of the liquid crystal.

Detection method for judging the highlights and general dead pixels LCD TV screens:

A common problem is the color of pixels is not controlled, show only black, white and other color, and not according to the control appears dark change and the formation of image.

Highlights: a bright spot is dead, this refers to the three cell of the corresponding pixel in only one or two drive tube malfunction, pixel then in the black background is showing a color red, green, blue; or the original red, green, and blue points are rendered as white, these can be judged for the bright spot, but also a kind of defect.

General bad point: a point appears in any color background still behaves as black or white pixels is dead. This is probably the three liquid crystal box corresponding pixel drive pipe have faults resulting in pixels.