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Development of LED display backlight

LED can become a backlight, replace CCFL and become the mainstream technology at present, the biggest advantage is saving energy and volume is very small, and the service life of the LED is very long, the theory of life up to 30000 hours, although as a backlight use, may not have such a long time, but meet the 5 years to 7 years of use, but also no problem. And the volume of the LED is very small, only need behind the LCD panel, lamp strip is arranged a very thin, can meet the needs of the user's brightness, plus the energy saving advantage, so become the current mainstream technology. The ultra

Thin TVs and monitors, are LED backlight credit

Regardless of LED although has these advantages, but also has some disadvantages, in the promotion at the beginning of a lot of people are not pay attention to the eye injury problems, but now it has received extensive attention of consumers. LED backlit specific cause of eye injury. General use LED backlight display, is an effect of white light, white light LED implementation, is the use of blue LED excitation yellow silver powder to achieve, so the LED white light in the blue light component is more, and the high energy short wave Blu ray harm to the eye is very obvious, after investigation, LED backlight of high energy short wave blue a lot of plenty, so for the eyes

Hurt, can't be ignored.

LED backlight technology began to develop, in addition to using three color LED realize white light outside, many manufacturers also launched the film inhibition of blue, blue light inhibition to realize, this would solve the problem of the eye. There are also other manufacturers started to develop the use of light to excite fluorescent powder blue, so as to avoid the problem of too many. There are manufacturers of power conditioning, luminous brightness adjusting LED backlight, so also can be solved to some extent of the injured eye problems. Comprehensive to see LED backlight, at present can not be solved quickly, so how to improve LED backlight has become a mainstream way.

Color to breakthrough direction

The use of LED backlight is also a problem, is the picture color always is not very ideal. Of course, this is not only the problem of LED backlight, CCFL backlight used before, color gamut performance is generally. At present the use of LED backlight products, sRBG color basic not measured more than 99%, so for the deduction or not sharp picture. As for the implementation of the Adobe color gamut, is more weak heart. Therefore want to solve gamut display product approach, only from the backlight to.